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Why Cambridge Christian School ?


Importance of Family Involvement


At Cambridge Christian School, the commitment and active involvement of every family is very important.  It isn't just about enrolling students.  CCS reinforces the teachings of parents in the Christian home. Christian parents send their children to CCS because they want them to lead meaningful Christian lives. In turn, parents pray over the school, help in the classroom, support fine arts and athletics, and serve on various committees.  CCS embraces the Bible’s teaching that God has given parents the responsibility of educating and training children. This partnership shared between parents and CCS teachers is an essential component of the child’s education.


Academic and Spiritual


Cambridge Christian School is commissioned to provide high quality Christian education that ministers to the whole child – body, mind and spirit. We are committed to providing excellence in the areas of academics, co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities to prepare our students for the future. This educational process challenges students to excel in every facet of learning and holds them accountable for their efforts.


Christ-centered education at Cambridge Christian School is a process that puts the Bible at the center of the curriculum, and asks the student and the teacher to evaluate all they see in the world through the eyes of God. It is total surrender to the authority of the Scriptures. Students are led to an understanding of how biblical principles apply to situations they face today. Every student will have daily Bible instruction and prayer, weekly Scripture memorization and chapel services as part of the educational experience.


Cambridge Christian School is not just where Christ is present, not just where Christ is prominent, but where Christ is pre-eminent.


Pre-K and Kindergarten


In a Christ-centered learning environment, the children learn that they are loved and valued by God, family, and the school staff. Your child will be in a challenging and supportive atmosphere that encourages problem solving, decision-making and relationship building.




The emphasis continues to be placed on instruction in a Christian environment. Elementary teachers strive to foster a challenging and supportive atmosphere by encouraging students to develop their God-given potential. Students grow in the areas of problem solving, creative thinking, and establishing a good work ethic.


Junior High


These are major, transitional years and Cambridge Christian School wants it to be a positive time of growth for your child. The understanding of what they believe deepens into understanding why they believe, as our staff is able to help deepen convictions. Students are afforded many opportunities to grow in godly behaviors while having fun along the way.



Senior High


There is a need for young men and women who are taught how to think, not what to think; they understand that knowledge without good judgment falls short of wisdom; appreciate the virtue of compassion by putting it into practice; and are challenged to stand up and make a difference wherever they go.  CCS follows the example of Christ in helping each student to develop a truly Christian worldview.


Faculty and Facilities


Cambridge Christian School teachers emphasize the worth of every child and openly share the love of Christ. They point students toward the Savior of the world, not away from Him. CCS teachers help create an environment where change can happen in the personal lives of young people. Here, a vision of God’s grace in Christ may be glimpsed, depths of character explored, love and integrity move from principle into action and quality in one’s life. We provide the opportunity for real change by communicating the essentials of Christian character. Biblical integration is spiritual in nature. It can only be done by teachers who are true believers in Jesus Christ.


Smaller class sizes create dynamic learning environments in all areas: science and labs, computer classes, math and English. Students at CCS have a unique opportunity to build relationships with students of all ages.  Multiple grades under one roof provide much in role modeling, and ministry opportunities to each other.




God has created each child with unique talents and abilities. It is our aim not only to challenge the students academically, but also to encourage their growth spiritually and socially. To that end, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are available and participation is encouraged.  Activities are offered for both individual and group participation. The desire is to provide opportunities for students to pursue their personal interests. Often, life-long friendships and talents are developed in these activities.


The athletic program at CCS desires that each student would be an example for the Lord Jesus Christ. As Christ’s representatives, we want to do and say things that honor God. We want to: promote participation, skill development, build character qualities that glorify God, teach unity as spoken in 1 Cor. 12:12-27 and to present an athletic program that is shaped by God and not by society’s values and ideas.




The purpose of chapel at CCS is to provide an opportunity for the student body to gather together to worship God and receive edification through Scripture and music. Students participate and lead in various aspects of the Chapel programs, which help develop talents and abilities needed for leadership in their church or community. Chapel is a special distinctive of CCS—as our educational experience encourages excellence and prepares students for life and service to God.




Our school is an extension of the Christian home, and our calling is to help Christian parents disciple their children. It is the biblical responsibility of CCS to work with the Christian home to nurture students to be Christ-like. We also realize and appreciate the importance that God places on the local, Bible-teaching church. Our school exists to support the Christian church in addition to the family in their efforts to raise godly children. Therefore, at least one custodial parent or legal guardian must acknowledge Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior, and be in agreement and in support of our Mission Statement and Statement of Faith, and be part of a local Bible-teaching church.


Invitation to visit


Few decisions will have as lasting an impact on the life of a child as the choice of his or her school. If what you have learned about Cambridge Christian School fits with your family’s beliefs and needs, you are invited to make application for enrollment.


Prospective parent tours are always available, and student visits can be arranged throughout the academic year. For detailed information on admissions, including grade openings and a current tuition and fee schedule, please contact the Admissions Office. Financial aid for grades K-12 is available for accepted students with proven financial need.


For further information or to arrange a school visit, please contact:


Cambridge Christian School

2211 Old Main Street South

Cambridge, Minnesota  55008

(763) 689-3806  FAX (763) 689-3807


Cambridge Christian School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, national or ethnic origin in its educational programs, admissions policies or financial aid.