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Tuition Rates



Preschool (Due monthly)

8:00am – 11:00am

Monday/Wednesday/Friday                                                   $150.00/month

Tuesday/Thursday                                                                   $100.00/month


Childcare (Due weekly)                                                                      School Age  (After School Program)

6:45am – 6:00pm                                                                                  2:50pm – 6:00pm

                                                                                                 $10/day – W/ at least 1 week notice

Full time                                                                                                $15/day – W/ less than 1 week notice

2 days/week                            $86/week                                                 

3 days/week                            $129/week                                                               Kindergarten

4 days/week                            $172/week                                                              Before School                          $8/day

5 days/week                            $190/week                                                               After School                            $10/day

                                                                                                        Full Days                                  $30/day


Additional Information

Preschool tuition is included in child care rates

We work with families on Child Care Assistance

We have Early Learning Scholarships available (please ask for application)

Scholarship funds are limited so they are awarded on a first come - first served basis

** Childcare rates supersedes Preschool rates when calculating daily rate.**

**We reserve the right to change rates at any time.**