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International Student Admissions 





Cambridge Christian School values the participation of international students in our program. CCS was founded in 1978, and is a (charter) member of Associated Christian Schools International (ACSI). We have welcomed international students since 1989 and have been blessed by their contribution to the global awareness of our regular student body. 

Our program is guided by a “Whole Child” educational philosophy that values investment in the “heart, soul, mind and strength” (Mt 22:37) of our students. We encourage our students to strive for excellence in all areas and offer classes at a more rigorous level of study. Our goal is for every student graduating from our high school program to be prepared for college work.

CCS is authorized by the US Department of Homeland Security (SEVIS) to accept international students. All interviews and final acceptance for enrollment are approved by CCS. It is the responsibility of the international student/family to secure the proper visa to attend a school in the United States of America. Students who request an I-20 are required to pay the full year’s tuition, registration and other fees, before the registration process is considered complete and in order for the student to begin instruction.

Financial assistance is not available for international students.

Should a student/family choose not to attend CCS, or if a visa is denied for any reason prior to the start date of the school term, the student will be dropped from SEVIS. The tuition, minus any application and entrance fees, will be refunded. However, if a student withdraws from the school at any time during the school year they will not receive a refund of any funds paid. A student with more than 15% absence rate will be dropped from the school and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will be notified that the student is no longer enrolled in CCS, and the I-20 will be revoked at that time.

International students wishing to attend CCS must include our authorization form appointing someone in Minnesota who will be assuming responsibility for the student while enrolled here. A copy of all transcripts (translated and notarized) from the previous school, immunization records (translated and notarized), and a recent physical examination performed by a doctor or equivalent must also be included with the application forms. Additionally, CCS requires international students to purchase a medical insurance plan. 

CCS will secure host families for international students. Input from international students is welcomed but not required. A monthly contribution may be required for room and board if the family cannot fully sponsor the international student. While residing with the host family, the international student should expect to participate in family activities as any child in the family does. 

We look forward to partnering with international students and their families. For more information, contact, or contact our SEVIS Advisor (Sarah Morrison) at

Enrollment for Fall, 2022-23

Our Fall semester begins September 6th, 2022

New student applications for Fall 2022-23 will open on March 15, 2023.

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