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Cambridge Christian School

2211 Old Main Street South

Cambridge, MN 55008


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2017-2018 school year


                                                                                    TUITION:  (Yearly costs)                Building & Technology Fees

Part Time Kindergarten:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday                             $ 3499.00                               $50/month  


Full Time Kindergarten:

            Monday-Friday                                                         $ 4499.00                                $50/month


Grades 1-6                                                                 $ 4699.00                                $50/month


Grades 7-12                                                               $ 4999.00                                $50/month



Second Child…………. $500.00 off one year’s tuition

Third Child…………   $1000.00 off one year’s tuition

Fourth & subsequent children………… $1500.00 off one year’s tuition




Tuition and fees will be due in full by July 15th  OR a 12-month payment plan may be set up with FACTS with the first payment due by July 15th.


ENROLLMENT FEES:  (This is a non-refundable fee)


New student enrollment fee is $225 per family (submit with application)

Re-enrollment fee for each returning family is $225, $125 per family if paid by April 1.



Tuition includes salaries, textbooks/workbooks, curriculum and fees with the following exceptions:


     -  Fees for extra-curricular sports 

     -  Assigned school supplies

     -  Certain Electives 

     -  Fees for Senior High Trips are in addition to the above and will be added to your monthly payment.  Trip fees must be paid in full by March, 2018. While costs are subject to change, the estimated trip fees are as follows:

               -  Washington DC Trip (9-10th grades): $500

               -  Wilderness Trip (11-12th grades): $350

        Trip fees are estimates and if the trip is more than billed, charges will be added to your account; if they are less, your account will be credited. 


     -  Graduation fees will be added to your account in May of graduation year. 

     -  Two tickets for CCS Faith & Fun Night



·        Forty hours of aide time are required per family each year (Kindergarten families are required to complete 20 hours). If aide hours are not completed, families will be charged $15 per uncompleted hour.



Contact the school for the application process.