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CCS holds to high academic standards. We believe each student should be challenged but also enriched. Challenged not just to know facts and information, but challenged to think at higher levels; challenged to learn how to apply principles taught in the classroom in "real life"; and challenged to see how the subject they are learning really is a part of God's creation around them so that their lives are enriched.

The small class sizes at CCS enable teachers to teach at a more relational level. As a result, each student is recognized as a unique child of God and is not allowed to "slip through the cracks." More than just teaching the student, each teacher builds life into each of their students. This caring relationship builds a unique trust between the student and teacher which often times results in motivating the student to high academic success.

This all begins in kindergarten through experienced-based learning and continues through each grade level with various field trips, outdoor labs, and different projects in which our students are involved.  Students are challenged to put their faith into action and are given many opportunities to live this out while serving our community.