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Why CCS?

Read below reflections from current and past staff, students and parents.

Parent Testimonials:

It is amazing to watch our children grow. They have gone from hardly reading to finishing multiple books. They actually love to learn!  The staff at CCS is second to none. You won’t find a kinder more gifted group anywhere!

Our kids are learning to have servant hearts. CCS has an outstanding math teacher who is loved by her students. We love the mission trips that the kids take. You can see the impact they have on the students’ growth towards adulthood.

I have seen my daughter grow spiritually and mentally. I can tell she enjoys getting up and going to school every day – not a lot of teens do! The teachers are great and always willing to take time to pray for students! It is a blessing to know my child is safe and cared about when she goes to school.

Academically, our children are being pushed to succeed. Personally, they are growing in their faith. The connections with their peers and the CCS staff is incredible. The teachers seem to always go the extra mile for the kids. The principal greets the students at the front door every day! As a family, we are exited about the amount of programs and experiences offered at a small school.

My son is loving reading! Watching how much he has grown in his faith has also been fun. He is exited and eager to find out what his special talent in life is. There is not enough time to completely express the beautifully amazing love at this school that pours out!

Our daughter has learned to make good friends and how to be a good friend. She is challenged to learn facts and comprehend concepts, but has grown most in her Godly character and ability to make a stand for her beliefs. We have enjoyed her teachers who challenge her to learn – but in a way that makes her feel comfortable and cared for.

Our son has learned to focus on the needs of others and to challenge himself in subjects that expand his faith. He has learned that the biblical knowledge must be understood in his mind, but more importantly in his heart. CCS offers more than an outstanding education, it leads my children to make decisions for themselves and how to be an example that others will follow.

My son has become so confident through his outstanding teacher. Her creativity and care for each child is amazing. Her Godly character shines through on my son. CCS’ teachers’ commitment to Jesus brings can be seen in their relationships to their students. I am so thankful for the time and effort they pour into my kids.

Staff Testimonials: 

The community at CCS - the love & care is contagious.

I've worked in a variety of educational settings, and none have given me quite the opportunity to educate AND mentor the whole child as I have at CCS. I'm sold! 

When I witness a teacher pausing to pray with a student who is having a tough day, it brings tears to my eyes and fills my heart with joy. This is just one example of the love of Christ in action that is made possible through this school. 

I came to CCS because of Covid-19. I stay at CCS because of the traditional family, Christ centered values that are applied to the education process through a partnership with us as parents. 

God clearly led my wife and I to CCS many years ago and we have seen so much fruit in the lives of the families that have been a part of this place. We believe firmly in the mission of CCS in partnering with parents, teachers, coaches, and staff to help our students to understand and live out God's plan for their lives. And we love and appreciate how CCS families are truly part of a community of believers who desire to be "Warriors" for Christ. 

I chose to be employed by CCS because I am able to teach about Jesus and am able to worship Him with the students! Also, it is nice to be close to my daughter during the day too, as she is in 3rd grade, and to have her see what I really do as a teacher! 

I enjoy serving others and know not of a greater reward than to someday hear the words “well done, good and faithful servant.” The K4 classroom craft time is therapeutic and the hallways are a great way to pick up a fashion tip or two from the secondary students. My biggest joy as a parent has been to see our son grow and flourish at CCS. The love and patience our teachers ooze over the students is immeasurable. I am encouraged everyday that I serve with the teachers and staff at CCS and know I am where God has me to be. 

Student Testimonials: 

The sole object of life which often eludes humans is the obsessive demand to have a purpose. When someone doesn't have a purpose, they fill the void with metaphorical and literal pain numbing measures; consequently, these things result in an unhealthy attachment to these pseudo-purposes. Cambridge Christian School - including the staff and students - has strongly encouraged me to align my life with God's Word. The staff's commitment to their students is seen daily through their speech and actions on and off campus. The surreal reality of teachers' desires to personally connect with individual people on a real and caring level is astounding. Not one can go back in life and change anything, but they may change their future. I am overwhelmingly glad for my past experiences, and I am even more glad for the opportunities CCS has given me in using my past to shape my future. ~ CCS Senior Class of ‘23

Something I will always remember about CCS is how every class/grade is super close knit and how everybody knows everyone. ~ CCS Sophomore

I think that potential students should go to CCS because they would receive a different education than public schools by surrounding themselves within a Christian community. An impact that has made a difference in me at this school, is the teachers, friends, and mostly the education, because of all these people and things, I have improved so much as a person and have learned so much. I have learned social skills - how to talk more to people and how to talk with them. I have also learned discipline and responsibility here through the courses. I also obviously learned many things such as math, science, English, the bible, etc... ~ CCS Freshman 

I have learned that having friends and being open to gaining new ones is important. ~ CCS Freshman

I like this school because there are a lot of great teachers, who care about your education. I also like how students care about each other and are good friends. ~ CCS Fifth Grade Student