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24-25 TUITION, FEES, and VOLUNTEER TIME Information

Tuition assists in covering teacher salaries, textbooks/workbooks, and association fees. Volunteer Aid Time is a required component of tuition affordability. 


  • Second Child - $250.00 off one year’s tuition
  • Third Child (and subsequent) - $500.00 off one year’s tuition


  • Paid in full by July 9th
  • Payment plans set up through FACTS with the first payment due by July 9th
  • APPLICATION and ENROLLMENT FEES: (non-refundable fees)
    • Current Student re-enrollment: $136 - per family if paid by March 31
      • April 1 and onward, $236 per family
    • New Student enrollment: application - $20 per family; $236 per family due at enrollment completion if paid by April 30
    • ALL FAMILIES: May 1 and onward, $275 per family due at enrollment completion

OTHER POSSIBLE ACADEMIC PROGRAMMING COSTS - Additional costs or fees due throughout the school year include:

  • Extra-curricular sports and after school activities
  • Certain electives requiring additional fees
  • Fees for 9th-12th grade Educational Enhancement Trips
  • 9th-10th Rotating: Service Learning (≈$150.00)/Washington D.C. trip (≈$400)
  • 11th-12th Mission Trip to Dominican Republic (≈$1,250)
  • Graduation fees (invoiced in January of senior year) ($100) 

Forty (40) hours of aide time is required per family, each year. If aide hours are not completed,  
Families are charged $16 per uncompleted hour. Families may opt out of the aid hours by paying $640 (40 hrs* $16) by September 1.

PTF (Parent Teacher Fellowship) and BOOSTERS organizations
Our PTF and Boosters organizations provide community building and fundraising opportunities throughout the year to help provide resources for classrooms, staff and activities. Volunteer time can be used for either or both opportunities. 

Tuition aid awards are on a first come first served basis.

PSEO: Students pursuing their AA degree with UNWSP receive ½ off their full-time tuition.

FACTS Payment Plan in the tuition portal

Need help? 

If you need help logging into FACTS SIS or FACTS Tuition please let the office know via email: or call the office at 763-689-3806.