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Cambridge Christian School is a K-4 through grade 12 nationally accredited, private, Christian education missionally partnering with parents professing faith in Jesus Christ; visionally challenging students’ minds and enriching their hearts so that they live out God’s plan for their lives. CCS values (1) God’s preeminence, (2) pursuits of excellence, (3) importance and pre-eminence of parents, and (4) unity in the Body of Christ.

CCS holds firmly to the template that educates in the methodology which germinates planted seeds of decorum and virtues from a tried-and-true curriculum framed in and founded on a biblical worldview. Every subject is first rooted in scripture so that the student, through the role of the educator, discovers that which is to be learned - wisdom and knowledge in Jesus Christ (Col. 2:3)

Approximately 30 acres, located off Highway 65, allows for our current facility to expand, to accommodate not just our current increasing student population, but also strategic future growth. Furthermore, the founders' vision of a rigorous education, firmly rooted in Christ Jesus, included a strong conviction to provide extra-curriculars - such as athletics and fine arts activities. CCS's expansive grounds, with a soccer field, ball diamond, basketball and volleyball courts, playground, and swingset, provide plenty of space for our students to enjoy.