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Cambridge Christian School was founded in 1978 to partner with parents in educating their children within a Christian worldview.  This has been the consistent mission of CCS throughout the school's history.  Our current mission statement says "Cambridge Christian School exists to partner with parents in providing a spiritual foundation through academic and extracurricular programs where children are challenged to become Christ-honoring servants."

Our core values are the foundational purpose of our school and are as follows:

  1. CCS recognizes that God is preeminent.  His word is truth, and everything fits under Him.
  2. CCS is committed to the pursuit of excellence in every area.  We expect students to meet high standards in academics, discipline and spiritual development.

  3. CCS recognizes the importance of parents.  We believe that God designed the role of parents as one of authority and responsibility.  Because of this, we believe that God holds parents accountable for their decisions and actions.
  4. CCS is committed to unity in the body of Christ.  With over 50 churches represented in the student body, we believe that Christians can and must work together.

We consider it a joy and a privilege to work together with parents to help build tomorrow's Christian leaders today.